Frequently Asked Questions

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We accept all gently worn sneakers.  The rule of thumb is if you would donate them to a thrift store, we will accept them.  

Fundraisers for schools and non-profit organizations, we accept sneakers only. 

For recycling initiatives for cities, counties, or the like, please contact us directly for more information about what is accepted under this program. 

We appreciate your commitment to help the environment. We ask that you mail us your sneakers to our main warehouse at 7455 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138 and we will be happy to recycle them on your behalf.

We welcome any organization, city, county, or individual to host a recycle sneaker drive or recycling campaign. 

We provide boxes as well as any artwork needed to promote your drive. The artwork may include, but not limited to,  social media images, flyers, etc. You will receive some of that promotion material in your “Welcome” email sent after your first box request. 

We also have reusable promotional sleeves for the boxes available to those doing continual drives or initiatives. Please contact us for more details. 


We have recently changed this requirement. You can be part of the movement with just filling up one box. No minimum box requirement! Please be aware that if you do have less than five boxes to ship to us, you will be responsible to ship them by dropping them off at FedEx, Walgreens, or giving them to a FedEx driver.

The boxes must be completely filled in order to receive full credit towards your sneaker drive. Please see also “How much does this pay?”

A 24 x 18 x 18 box will fit up to 30 adult size sneakers, translating to approximately up to 40 pounds.  

Recycle Sneaker Project will send you pre-paid shipping labels via email. We will also arrange pick up for you if you have five boxes or more ready to ship.

Unfortunately, we cannot schedule pickups for individual boxes. However, you can still use the prepaid labels provided and give them to a FedEx delivery driver, take to your closest FedEx location, or nearest Walgreens. If you are local to South Florida, you can also drop them off at these location(s):

Coastal Export
7455 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33138


We are a social enterprise. Once we receive the sneakers, they are sold to microbusinesses around the world at low cost. This helps boost economies and provides sneakers to those who are in need of footwear. In turn, this prevents the spread of soil transmitted diseases.

And with continued research and development, we are finding new ways to upcycle and truly recycle end of life sneakers. As our team members to learn more.




Starting Sept 1st, 2024, new tiered payouts will be in effect. Please make sure your boxes are full to receive credit at the highest tier.

Under 24 pounds per box: .00 cents per pound.

24-29 pounds per box: .25 cents per pound.

30 pounds and up per box: .50 cents per pound.

Once you confirm that you have completed the recycle sneaker drive, we will total up the net pounds* received. Payouts are sent out by the 10th of each month.  We pay by ACH, Zelle, or check. 

*Net pounds = Total pounds – box weight (e.g. 40-2=38 net pounds)

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Fill out the form below if you are ready to start your recycle sneaker drive or campaign. Please review the FAQ SECTION to learn more about the program before placing an order for boxes.