Frequently Asked Questions

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We accept all gently worn sneakers.  The rule of thumb is if you would donate them to a thrift store, we will accept them.  

They need to be able gently used and must come in pairs. 


Yes, this model is for fundraising, we can provide boxes to those ready to commit to AT LEAST 5 boxes.

We appreciate your commitment to the environment to the world. We ask that you mail us your sneakers to our main warehouse at 7455 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33138 and we are happy to recycle. If you live locally, please see our list of drop off locations here.

At this time, we are only accepting sneakers. 

We are a social enterprise. Once sneakers are recycled, they are sold to local microbusinesses to help boost economies and provide footwear to those who need shoes to help prevent the spread of soil transmitted diseases. 

We welcome anyone to host a recycle sneaker drive. A check can be made out to an individual as long as they commit to and send back 5 FULL boxes. 

Yes, we ask that you to commit to AT LEAST 5 FULL boxes.

The boxes must be completely FULL in order to receive payment.

A 24 x 18 x 18 box fits roughly 40 adult pairs of shoes, translating to 40 pounds. 

Recycle Sneaker Project sends you pre-paid shipping labels when we mail you boxes. We will also arrange box pick up once 5 or more boxes are completely full. 

Unfortunately we cannot send pickup for individual boxes. However, you can still use the prepaid labels provided and drop them off to your closest courier. If you are local in South Florida, you can also drop them here: 

New Horizon Methodist Church
5741 S Flamingo Rd
Southwest Ranches, FL 33330
Coastal Exports
7455 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33138


We will provide you with any artwork needed to promote your drive. Including but not limited to  social media images, text platforms, email, flyers, etc.

You can download here.

We pay $.50 for every pound of shoes recycled. This translates to approximately $20 a box. Think about that.  When you fill 10 boxes you could raise over $200! 

Once you confirm that you have completed the Recycled Sneaker drive, we will total up pounds received and cut a check within 3-5 business days and mail to your designated address. 

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