Start a Recycle Shoe Fundraiser

No more selling chocolates – no more asking friends and family for money. Why not fundraiser while doing good? Whether you are looking to raise money to support your school, non profit or favorite organization, Recycle Shoe Project is the way to go. This turn-key fundraiser does all the work for you. We provide boxes for collection, arrange pick ups and created all of your artwork here to help spread our message. All you need to do is FILL THE BOXES! And, when you are raising money, you are keeping shoes out of landfills and providing proper footwear to developing countries. Win, win, win!

The ”Why” of the Recycle Shoe Project Fundraiser

Today, there are children in developing countries wearing water bottles as shoes. Shoes are a mode of transportation for these families all over the world. The fact that they do not have affordable footwear is both upsetting and unnecessary. The collection of shoes not only helps the environment by reducing landfill waste, but it also provides a second life for these shoes, giving children and adults the opportunity to lead active and healthy lives.


Connect with us today to get started! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Email us to get your 10 boxes to start your drive!

Get the word out to your friends, family, co-workers, community to FILL as many boxes as you can!

Seal the boxes, adhere your pre-paid shipping labels and leave the boxes out for your pre-arranged FedEx pick up.

We provide the tools -

but only your organization can fill the boxes! Here are some tips to help you make this the most successful and meaningful fundraiser ever:

  • Let the team know what you’re doing! Put up posters, print flyers, post to social media, share via email… we provide the art – now you share it!

  • Let’s talk MONEY – share that if 100 participants fill 1 box each, that could raise more than $2,000 for your organization, school, or charity! Urge the team members to host their own personal initiative by collecting from their family, friends, and neighborhoods.

  • Make it a competition – friendly competition is always good, but raising money for your school or organization is what’s most important!

  • Add a sense of urgency, give an update on the progress, share how many boxes have already been collected and give the team a goal!