Recycle Shoe Project announces partnership with Neighbors 4 Neighbors

MIAMI, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recycle Shoe Project is pleased to announce a partnership with Neighbors 4 Neighbors to raise funds for the local charity by urging the general public to recycle gently worn shoes throughout the tri-county area. 

Neighbors 4 Neighbors is one of the most identifiable public service organizations in the South Florida community. Since their inception, assisting in the devastation left by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, they have followed through with the original mission.  The organization continues to be a vehicle connecting those most in need with the proper channels through a new partnership with the Recycle Shoe Project.  Neighbors 4 Neighbors Executive Director, Katy Meagher stated, “This program is the epitome of what we always say, “helping feels good!” It encompasses so many wonderful aspects, from preventing soil-transmitted infections to helping build successful micro economies in developing nations, all by recycling gently worn shoes. It’s incredible how such a simple idea can have such a great impact!”

With the newly formed relationship of Neighbors 4 Neighbors and Recycle Shoe Project, awareness is being shed on the effect of what recycling a pair of shoes can do for our planet and for developing nations. 

The community can help raise money for Neighbors 4 Neighbors. Neighbors 4 Neighbors will receive 50¢ for every pound of shoes recycled through this initiative, a large lightweight shipping (18x18x24) box holds approximately 50 pairs of gently worn shoes and earns roughly $20 per box.

About Neighbors 4 Neighbors
Neighbors 4 Neighbors is a nationally recognized nonprofit created in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The simple mission is to connect those in need with those who can help. Using a combination of resource development, collaboration with partners and the power of media, they empower our neighbors to use the talents, time and money to help others.

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About Recycle Shoe Project
Recycle Shoe Project is a social enterprise that assists organizations, non-profits and youth groups by collecting gently worn shoes of all kinds.  To bring awareness to the underprivileged and to reduce our carbon footprint, Recycle Shoe Project will give 50¢ for every pound of shoes recycled to their partners. Any charity, organization, youth group or individual will benefit from participation.

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