MIAMI, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recycle Shoe Project is launching their school fundraiser initiative. Touted as a Zero Cost/Zero Calorie fundraiser, this is an ideal way for schools and organizations to raise money for their schools. Eliminating the burden of selling wrapping paper, chocolates, boost-a-thons, etc – this school fundraiser idea allows schools to raise money while simply cleaning out your closet.

Recycle Shoe Project collects gently worn shoes of all kinds. Those shoes are then offered to micro businesses in developing countries to be revived to provide affordable footwear in places otherwise not available. Recycle Shoe Project pays 50¢ for every pair of shoes recycled. Large, lightweight shipping boxes are provided, prepaid shipping labels are sent, and FedEx pick-ups are arranged. This turnkey fundraiser has immeasurable social and economic effects and has raised $1000’s for non-profits and schools in the state of Florida.

  About Recycle Shoe Project

Recycle Shoe Project is a social enterprise that assists organizations, non-profits and youth groups by collecting gently worn shoes of all kinds.  To bring awareness to the underprivileged and to reduce our carbon footprint, Recycle Shoe Project will give 50¢ for every pound of shoes recycled to their partners. Any charity, organization, youth group or individual will benefit from participation.  

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