The Environmental Cost of Fast Fashion

We live in a “throw away” culture — from clothing to coffee cups. But nothing we produce is ever truly gone. It either returns to nature or pollutes. The fast fashion industry, driven by low costs and quick trends, shows how the planet pays the price — from overflowing landfills, water use and chemical run-off to […]

Gently-worn shoe donations sought for developing countries

HomeNews ByOrlando Events JUNE 13, 2023 Officials in Seminole County are asking the public to donate gently-used shoes for transport to developing countries. As part of the county’s Recycle Sneaker Project, Seminole County is asking the public to drop off gently worn shoes of all sizes through the summer. The county will take all of […]

Recycle Shoe Project announces partnership with Neighbors 4 Neighbors

MIAMI, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recycle Shoe Project is pleased to announce a partnership with Neighbors 4 Neighbors to raise funds for the local charity by urging the general public to recycle gently worn shoes throughout the tri-county area.  Neighbors 4 Neighbors is one of the most identifiable public service organizations in the South Florida community. Since […]


MIAMI, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recycle Shoe Project is launching their school fundraiser initiative. Touted as a Zero Cost/Zero Calorie fundraiser, this is an ideal way for schools and organizations to raise money for their schools. Eliminating the burden of selling wrapping paper, chocolates, boost-a-thons, etc – this school fundraiser idea allows schools to raise money […]